Thai princess, a Vancouver Thai princess curry sauces supplyer by Jeng Suratin


I proudly present my products I learned how to cook from my mother. My sisters and I were happy kids when we grew up with our mother cooking. Mostly we ate at home, cooking things we found in our rice field, or herbal garden. We enjoyed watching her cooking. She ordered us to do the prep. Soon we absorbed her style.

I hope you will enjoy my cooking like I did with my mother, The Thai Princess.

I have to honor her for what I have done in my career today.

Thai Princess Granville Island Pubilc Market Suratin Rianpracha

Thai Princess Granville Island Pubilc Market Suratin Rianpracha's fresh Thai Princess curry sauces are a dinnertime godsend. He sells at the public market at a stand about twice a month and regulars beseech him to expand his product line. Just saute veggies or meat or fish and add the sauce. That's it. Dinner! The sauces can be stored in the fridge for about 10 days and in the freezer for two months. Each pouch contains two to three portions of sauce. He doesn't have a permanent spot or regular times in the market, so you will just have to watch for him and pounce.

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